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Flying the GG4C Flag in Australia and Oceania

In achieving our goal of raising the Global Golf4 Cancer Flag in every continent, our inaugural campaign in Australia and Oceania will feature a selection of the finest golf clubs and golf resorts in both Australia and New Zealand. The 'Australia and New Zealand 4-Flag Campaign' was launched in December 2019 when Royal Melbourne, widely regarded as the pre-eminent golf club in the Southern Hemisphere, hosted the 13th edition of The Presidents Cup. Nick Edmund, the Founder of Global Golf4 Cancer, attended the event and met with a selection of prestigious clubs in Victoria and Tasmania.

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Support and Awareness: Special Dates and Occasions

Each of the participating venues is being invited to support the campaign and to raise a Global Golf4 Cancer awareness flag on their 4th hole on each of the four special 'GG4C Awareness Days' (the 4th February – World Cancer Day, 4th April, 4th July and 4th October). Clubs are of course welcome to fly the flag on any additional occasions or events of their choosing (More details soon).

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