About Us
Global-Golf4-Cancer is a globally active not-for-profit organisation that encourages golfers, and the golf community generally, to participate in Awareness Campaigns and Fundraising Events for the benefit of cancer sufferers worldwide. Utilising our distinctive Global-Golf4-Cancer 4-Flag, we pride ourselves on the creation of highly memorable campaigns that deliver imaginative fundraising opportunities, and our particular focus is helping locally-based cancer charities.

Global Golf4Cancer is applying for registered charity status in England and Wales.

Launching GG4C with our 4-Flag Campaign in Ireland
Nick Edmund, the founder of Global-Golf4-Cancer (GG4C) and currently in remission for head and neck cancer, is carrying a set of golf clubs as he walks the entire Wild Atlantic Way and plays the 4th hole at 40 courses en route. Nick's 'Wild Atlantic Way golf-walk' is raising awareness of GG4C's 4-Flag Campaign and benefitting the west of Ireland charity, Cancer Care West.
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To support Nick’s 2,000Km endeavour, please donate here or visit our Donations page.

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Future GG4C 4-Flag Campaigns and Events
One of Global-Golf4-Cancer’s aims is to encourage as many golf clubs and event organisers as possible to regularly fly the GG4C 4-Flag on their 4th hole – both during a pre-agreed ‘GG4C Awareness Campaign’ period and on ‘GG4C Fundraising Event’ days. Building on the success of our UK and Irish ventures, we intend to organise a series of regional campaigns and establish a selection of special events throughout the golfing world. (Please visit our Campaigns and Events pages)